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Do you feel sometimes unloved, unwanted and more like Marilyn Manson than Marilyn Monroe to your romantic partner?

Then this website is for YOU!

Love is an essential key to a woman's happiness. We all are challenged to build a new vision of togetherness, offering individuality and loving coexistence equally. The truly important in our lives is people, be it partner, family, children, friends – they are the ones that really matter. That's why facing challenges in relationships makes our world turn upside down.

I show you how to create a rich love and life.

As an author and women's game changer I am fully engaged to provide you with empowering insights, skills and tools. I want to you to succeed as a professional woman or female entrepreneur, also in your personal, romantic life.

You were never taught the art of loving relationships. Either you discover it by hazard or are fortunate to read a book like the one I created ...

Butterfly Habits: How to Make Your Honeymoon Last Forever

You get a woman's guide revealing real stories and true insights – inspired by some of the world's most ambitious women, including their exclusive interviews. You will discover the power of taking small steps to create true change in your romantic relationship with ease.

I am known to reach out for highest quality and best results.

During my journey of writing this book my perfectionism was both my sharpest criticizer and most encouraging friend. It often made things not easy for me. However, my perfectionism ensured that I offer you my most rich, ambitious professional and personal knowledge in my book.

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I want you to take the right decisions ... because love is a feeling, while relationships are a decision.

As a young girl I watched out for "the One" for me. When I won his heart it didn't take a long time until I tried to "conquer" the next one. I enjoyed having butterflies in my tummy and was just playing until ... HE crossed my way. And for the first time in my life I fought against falling in love seriously. Eckhard was twice as old as I was: a man, not an amateur. Can you imagine that neither my parents nor my friends were happy about this relationship? I heard only: how long can this last? There's no future! This love was definitively out-of-the-box! For the first time in life I made a decision against all recommendations of the world. Instead I committed to our love. As a greenhorn in long-term relationships, I was fortunate to have Eckhard as a partner who grew from the mistakes of his first marriage to be a master of relationships. I learned the principles of an everlasting bond. Despite all the pessimistic forecasts our love grew and flourished while the flow of life guided us through peaks and valleys. I was twenty-one years old when I met him the first time. It was twist of fate that providence took Eckhard's life twenty-one years later. At that point of life I was deeply convinced that I would never again share my love with another man. Why reach out for a stone when I had held crystal in my hands?

But ... magic happened and love hit me a second time in life.

How can it be possible that millions of women search their whole life for the ideal partner while I got two?

While Eckhard was an experienced master, Urs was a single in his heart, inexperienced in long-term relationships. Therefore soon challenges surfaced in our partnership. Although we didn't enjoy always an easy trip together, I always remembered the immense gratification of a loving relationship. So, I took Urs by the hand and taught him the secrets of making the honeymoon last forever. Ten years have passed since then and we are both still in love with each other, enjoying a fulfilled marriage.

Relationships create your future!

I am convinced that sharing life in all its facets with the one you love is the greatest gift ever. That's why I want to take you by the hand now ... to reveal how to make your honeymoon last forever.

Professional Bio

Fanny Ritter is a highly skilled Communication and Performance Expert with a Swiss University Master's Degree in Economics and Social Sciences. On behalf of multinationals she enjoyed a career in HR Recruitment and Headhunting Services in Zürich, Switzerland, for years. Fanny is graduated as "NLP Master Practitioner" and owns several superior coach certifications. She is member of the Spanish Coaching Association (ASESCO) and the International Coach Federation (ICF). As influential top mind thinker and women's game changer she dedicates her products, programs and events to smart women, enhancing their personal relationships. Her book Butterfly Habits: How to Make Your Honeymoon Last Forever was inspired by some of the world's most ambitious women and aspires to unleash the unique, feminine leadership flair keeping love alive.