"Fanny is an amazing personality. For me, our acquaintance created the possibility to collaborate for this extraordinary book project. This is a gift of wisdom brought to light and guiding you straight to the core of a fulfilled relationship."

- Irina, Countess of Plettenberg-Lenhausen

"For the woman who is ready to take her throne as Queen of her relationship, Butterfly Habits is a must read. It opens up a variety of possibilities for new, everyday adventures that reignite Love. So don't toss him out yet. Read this book and head for the moon…the Honeymoon!"

- Jil Windsor, CPCC, BCC, PCC, Austin, Texas, USA | Director at DSM Life Trainings; Co-Creator Life Lives Through You - Revealing the Code of Body Centered Empowerment

"Butterfly Habits is a manual for a married Carrie Bradshaw. Kudos to Fanny Ritter Milz for writing this book. Such an inspirational, enjoyable, honest, touching and at times funny read. The book is as much of inner self discovery as it is reconnecting with your loved ones and friends. The principles of love and connection are neatly outlined, well thought out and easy to follow. Fanny manages effortlessly to draw the reader in and guide them on their own journey. By conveying the critical information in such a way Fanny ensures that the message of her book and exercises can be understood and followed by all. The brilliant use of quotes and personal stories really add to the creation of a beautiful journey into love, friendship and belief."

Nikky Briggs, United Kingdom | Marketing Communications Consultant at Salus Marketing

"Our lives are so busy we often forget how powerful the force of love can be in our lives. In Butterfly Habits, Fanny gives women a treasure chest of new and exciting things we can do to keep the romance flickering. No matter how you define success, this book will help you strengthen your relationship, the foundation you need to thrive. Thanks Fanny!"

- Marcia Reynolds, PsyD. | author of Wander Woman: How High-Achieving Women Find Contentment and Direction

Auspicious – Passionate - Enlightening
"Butterfly Habits is one of the most complete books on relationships that I have ever read, and will be a great reference book to me for years to come. In fact, I have already made a list of females to give the book to as a gift. The writings and explanations of the Principles, the Habits, and the Mind-Shifts are a compilation of knowledge with a timeless message. Fanny's attention to detail is superb and puts every reader on a level playing field for growth and expansion within themselves. It is inspiring to know that I have the ability to change whatever needs changing for my relationships to be filled with love and enrichment."

- Elaine Moorhead, Atlanta, USA | Entrepreneuer & Image/Design Consultant for Makeover Mastery

"After my husband of 37 years joined me in retirement our youngest son moved into his own home. Following a lifetime of experiences together, we were suddenly face-to-face in a large empty house once again navigating uncharted relationship territory. It was Fanny to the rescue! Butterfly Habits is a delightfully compassionate instruction manual providing step-by-step guidance for any woman looking to form or enhance a loving relationship with her partner at any stage of life. My most important revelation from Butterfly Habits is the reminder that men need "to be needed." When I slow down and invite his help with whatever I'm doing, it not only creates something better than what I could do alone, it brings us closer and our relationship blossoms all over again. Fanny is gentle and loving in her guidelines and her simple steps are clear and easy to implement. Butterfly Habits is by far the best relationship book I have found!"

- Anna Goldsworthy, Seattle, USA | Owner of The Possibility Detective™ & Co-Author of Feel Good No Matter WhaT

"The ability to commit, whether to love, friendship, or work, is a critical component of a fulfilling life. Fanny's words, exercises, and insights will help you make commitments with courage and confidence."

- Lois P. Frankel, Ph.D., | New York Times Bestselling author of Nice Girls Don't Get the Corner Office

Butterfly Habits is sparkling like a great champagne – a must-read for each and every woman. "How often have you thought that you can either have a great career or a fabulous relationship? I often thought I had to compromise. Butterfly Habits showed me that I can have it all. It's not dependent on luck, but on knowing how to do it. Butterfly Habit will give you the heartfelt advice and savvy insights to make it happen. It reveals the secrets a modern woman needs to know to combine a great career with a fabulous relationship. In addition to her wisdom, Fanny Ritter herself is an inspiring role model for every woman. Her story leads us on our path to have success as professionals and being lucky in love."

- Natalie Jovanic, Barcelona, Spain | Heal your Relationship Mentor & Author of "A Brave True Story"

"Wouldn't it be nice if you could keep those feelings from when you start a new relationship for years or even decades? Well you can. Fanny's book provides the specific strategies and tactics to ensure you never lose that magic in your relationship. This book is a must read for anyone who wants a great relationship!"

- Melonie Dodaro, British Columbia, Canada | Author of The LinkedIn Code, Founder of TopDogSocialMedia.com

"Healthy self esteem is vital to a positive relationship. Butterfly Habits will enlighten you with fresh ideas and insightful tools to expand your comfort zone and develop your relationship."

- Janice Davies | President of the International Council of Self Esteem

Eye-opening, Mind-opening, and Heart-opening!
"Butterfly Habits is not only motivational, inspiring, deep and real, it also has some practical exercises, hints and tips to spice up a tired relationship, heal a hurting one, or just add more harmony and love in to your life. I love this book. It's the kind of gem that you can read cover-to-cover, highlight the good parts, and then come back and re-read over and over again. Fanny offers some real insights into how your mind can be a powerful companion and friend, but it can also be an inner enemy. Old behaviours, old patterns, old thinking can be changed, and love is a powerful force. A powerful message, combined with good stories, practical advice, and the gentle whispers of a wise counselor all come together in this powerful book."

- Diane Currie Sam, BSC, MA, British Columbia, Canada | Business Coach & Educator at Open Circles Solutions

"Fanny's style, wisdom and humor will guide you to successfully apply practical techniques to lead a life of love and fulfillment with your partner. The Butterfly Habits are a solid blue print to help you attain and maintain a special love and connection with your significant other. This is a book that you will use often and forever."

- Carole Jean Rogers, Louisville, KY, USA | Business Leadership Coach & Entrepreneur - clarityleadership.com

What a gem of a book Fanny Ritter has written!
"It is a fresh perspective of the beauty and reality of what a commitment of love really means. What 'Butterfly Habits' reveals is that this commitment is actually a commitment to yourself. Like everything else in life, this journey is all about self-awareness - it's all about how you change on the inside, the outside world transforms. It matters not where you are in your love journey in your life, there is a new perspective one can take away and apply to your own situation. Having been married for 32 years, it was a delight to read, the aha moments were heartwarming, and examining my commitment to my relationship from an inside out perspective was powerful."

- Darlene Schindel, Edmonton, Canada | Transformational Leadership Coach, Speaker

"Five stars for Fanny's book Butterfly Habits! Read it and receive a wealth of inspiration, keys, tips and pointers for keeping the delight factor going in your relationship."

- Dackeyia Q. Sterling, CEO/Publisher | Entertainment Power Players® (EPP)

"In Butterfly Habits, Fanny shares her beautiful wisdom and loving heart. There is a higher purpose and remarkable energy that is possible with every and all relationships. So often we allow our ego to steal away the moments of magic and instead we can learn to allow the expansion of infinite love. Choose Fanny to be your loving guide to navigate and align what is possible in your relationships in your life!"

- Christine Cirka, CEO, Toronto, Canada | Business Transformation Coach & Strategist, Author, Speaker & Trainer | www.essencetosuccess.com

Butterfly Habits is a worthwhile read if you are looking to conquer the secrets to longevity of love, commitment and respect in your life with another human being.
"Fanny Ritter Milz captures the essence of what it means to be in love and how to cultivate that love long term. Her beautiful book Butterfly Habits teaches its readers that there are no hard and fast rules for maintaining a relationship. There is only an awareness of the results of an action, no matter how innocuous it may seem at the time. Will what I do or say have dire consequences or only ruffle feathers? The underlying current of this timely book encourages us to embrace the need to remain in the present, do your best, forgive yourself and others and most of all lead with love from the heart always. Fanny speaks to many interesting women about their ideas surrounding love, marriage and the one-to-one commitment necessary to meet the Butterfly Habit. Each interview tells a life story that has conquered the commitment necessary to make life work, or not and why."

- Debra Vey Voda-Hamilton, New York, USA | Author of the forthcoming book "7 Secrets to Resolving Conflicts Involving Animals"

"Fanny Ritter's own success in her personal life is evidence that these Butterfly Habits work and can be easily applied to your relationship. No matter where you are in your personal life, stop and read this inspirational book."

- Mark Shelmerdine, CEO, Susan Jeffers, LLC (Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway)

"As business coach I often deal with clients facing relationship challenges. As business woman, wife and mother, I know how challenging it can be to balance these often complex relationship priorities. Just like you commit to your business, career or children, the essence of this book is to take ownership of your decision to be in your relationship with your significant other. It encourages you to commit to it while making sure that your choices are driven by love and solidly grounded in your vision for your life and who you want to be in this world so that you never have to compromise the core of who you are. It teaches the reader that just like everything else in life that is worth pursuing; having a strong, solid and loving relationship requires you to be consciously focused on it and where you want to go with it. To help and support you in that respect Fanny provides excellent tools and strategies to help you stay grounded and focused on what you want. Definitely a great addition to my entrepreneurial and coaching bookshelf."

- Marja Botha Van Doorn, Netherlands | Business Strategist, Author & Coach at Botha Van Doorn Group LDI, Africa

"Butterfly Habits: How to Make Your Honeymoon Last Forever fuels the embers of long-term relationship. I am still in love with my husband of 34 years. Even so, the poignant questions on page 105 will surely boost our marriage from great to extraordinary! Your expression of the power of commitment is spot on. True commitment is not an obligatory "must," but an energy so strong it cannot be stopped. My favorite Butterfly Habit is "True communication begins with trust." Thank you, Fanny, for this lovely, user-friendly handbook of insight and fundamental wisdom - a lovely contribution to the institution of love!"

- Nina Durfee, CPC, Seattle, USA | Co-Founder at The Wisdom Well Retreats, LLC | wisdomwellretreats.com

"In my business I am in the midst of constant creativity and so it is difficult for someone to come in and surprise me with an idea. But that is what Fanny Ritter did when she asked me how I thought that a link between my professional skills and my love relationships could be created. The concept startled me at first and then I was keen to work with a woman who would come up with such a different perspective/approach to this topic. I believe that the biggest problem with relationships between a man and a woman today is that we no longer know what our roles are. So, as women, it is perhaps time to start looking at our careers and start implementing the rich, professional qualities of our professional skills into our personal lives and relationships. Any woman who recognizes this is an author on top of her game and worth reading. Good for you, Fanny Ritter!"

- Holly Carinci | Founder & CEO of HollyWords Publicity Group

"Fanny's book is an inspiration for anyone struggling to maintain happy relationships. She offers practical and fun tips to keep the spark alive. Successful relationships take effort. Investing and applying the knowledge in Butterfly Habits is highly recommended way to ensure success."

- Sheridan Genrich, Brisbane, Australia | Naturopath, Health Coach, Business Owner & Mother refreshnow.com.au

Butterfly Habits is the perfect guide for any woman who wants to grow in love, while falling more deeply into herself. While Fanny Ritter Milz speaks to the married, heterosexual couple, the vast majority of the insights and tips in this book will help any couple to make their life together feel like home. The Butterfly Habits she introduces — these small shifts that make a world of difference - will allow you to grow more into who you are while your fall in love more deeply with your life and love. Together, the habits will help you build a core, loving relationship with yourself and with your partner. In a way, Fanny looks at a union between a man and a woman like an raw diamond: beautiful, valuable, but with many raw unpolished edged. The Butterfly Habits are what allow you to masterfully polish all the small and important facets of your relationship, allowing it to truly shine. But be forewarned… Just like polishing a true gem and getting it to its full brilliance takes work, so do the Butterfly Habits. They take commitment, dedication, passion, purpose, heart, openness and willingness to keep going to reach the full potential that lies within. In time, you and everyone in your life will see brilliant results and ask you what the secret to everlasting bliss truly is."

- Anne-Sophie Dumetz, British Columbia, Canada | http://annesophiedumetz.com

"I am not always drawn into the 'plot' of a manuscript that I edit . . . with Fanny's manuscript I was not only editing but I was thinking and meditating on her contents. Fanny, I think you have great stuff. I like your voice, your humor but also the no nonsense way in which you convey your critical information."

- Dr. Tim Morrison, President | Write Choice Services, Inc

"Butterfly Habits is an inspiring book for any woman who values a true, authentic relationship with her partner. Sometimes when we are so focused on our career, we may tend to neglect our primary love relationship. Fanny shares a wealth of insightful tools to positively enhance any relationship. She reminds us that it is as important to nurture our love relationship as we nurture our professional talents and abilities on a daily basis. For me personally, I was reminded of the importance of self-love and self care. I believe you cannot consciously love another person without loving yourself first. Self-love can guide you to a fulfilled relationship. Fanny introducing a concept of creating a relationship plan. She compares the plan to an insurance policy. The plan is an on going work in process… but it can be flexible. It provides a sense of safety while preparing for the future at the same time. Develop a network of family and friends who support your relationship and want it to succeed."

- Jerri Eddington, Ed.D., Phoenix, USA | Soul Success Coach – lightenupandthrive.com

"Fanny Ritter Milz brilliantly blends universal truths with engaging personal stories to deliver a book that needs to be in your library. I appreciated her heart-centered approach that also gave me plenty of practical steps to follow as well. As a honeymooner myself, I am blessed to have such a beautiful reference to turn to."

- Harsimrit Kaur Khalsa, Seattle, USA | Founder of Your Prana - yourprana.com

"Butterfly Habits marries spirituality and psychology, infused with love, passion and inspiration, to create a wonderful guide for all women seeking to create more fulfilling relationships with their partners. I loved the idea of going 'contra' and meeting one's partner's angry, explosive response with a kiss on the cheek and a calming encouragement to focus on something else for a moment. How very powerful! And I had a quiet giggle at Fanny's experience of speaking 'army style' with her husband - I can certainly relate and appreciated her advice to opt for a 'mediator' style of communication instead. This is a comprehensive book, essential for the consciously aware woman who wants to breathe love back into her relationship for good."

- Brigit Esselmont, Melbourne, Australia | Founder at Biddy Tarot - biddytarot.com

"Fanny is such an inspiration to any woman trying to balance a career and relationship. Butterfly Habits is packed with relationship-changing advice and smart strategies that can start getting you back on track immediately. A great addition to your entrepreneurial bookshelf."

- Rosie Meleady, Entrepreneur & Founder of magazinecreationacademy.com

"As a codependence counselor for Highly Sensitive People, I do relationship counseling as well, and it seems to me that Fanny has done an excellent job of telling us how to making the honeymoon last forever. With concrete in-depth advice Butterfly Habits deals overall excellent on so many different levels, and often in a very poetic language. Several ideas and sentences tickled me with their absolutely clarity. Fanny describes how our generation has to change the 'marriage archetype' - and how we have to do it without guidance! Just like parenting, we aren't born knowing how to create good relationships. In fact, if we have grown up in dysfunctional families we are typically woefully inadequate in the relationship skills department. The good news is that good relationships depend on skills that can be learned, and Fanny does an excellent job at outlining all those skills in easy bite-sized chunks. We are a not victims of relationships. Like everything else we create our relationships and so also have the power to create them differently. I have often come across in the 'success' literature how important commitment to your goal is in order to achieve them. However, I have seldom seen outlined so clearly that this exact same process is what crates successful relationships. Also, I loved the 'Power of Contra', 'Power of Ignoring' and 'Don't Spam' - such powerful approaches. And last but not least, Fanny shares a well-kept secret: you can train yourself to become more passionate and sexual."

- Gitte Lassen, Iceland | Owner of Positive Power Woman (positivepowerwoman.com)

"As a Marriage Counselor, and wife who experienced a true pure love story with my late husband of over 23 years using many of the principles found in Butterfly Habits, I must say that Fanny has well articulated the ingredients necessary to "make the honeymoon last forever"! To take responsibility for how You BE in the relationship and resisting the natural propensity to "blame the other" or "fault finding", which only damages rather than contributes, coupled with the "decision" to care enough to inquire what your partner really thinks and feels rather than "assigning" meaning that is often untrue and comes from your own past experiences are priceless and only scratches the surface of the value jammed packed in her beautifully written book. Thanks Fanny for your service and contribution to couples everywhere, this is going to so help families, which are the foundation of our society!"

- SueMarie Crawford, MPC, British Columbia, Canada | Leadership and Life Mastery Maven - http://lifeonpurposemastery.com